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Welcome to VC3 Documentation

For portal access visit

May 23, 2018. The VC3 project is searching for users and HPC resource providers to evaluate its closed-beta (or "limited") release. During the limited beta release there might be system bugs, instability and lack of availability.

  • The limited beta user invitation signup is here.
  • The limited beta HPC resource invitation is here. Note you do not necessarily need to have an institutional affiliation with the HPC resource organization, but you should be authorized to run jobs there.

Getting Started With VC3

Virtual Clusters for Community Computation, or VC3, is a platform for connecting clusters, grids, and clouds. VC3 can run overlay systems for a variety of cluster frameworks to make disparate resources appear as a single “virtual” resource for collaborative science.

VC3 User Guide

All users of VC3 should read this portion of the documentation. This provides examples and documentation around VC3’s assortment of options and how to specify them on the portal.


This section addresses a variety of specific terms used throughout this project and documentation.